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Hi! My name is Andrew Deschenes and I am a third year software engineering student at McMaster University. My passion for software development stems from the potential it has to impact billions of lives in its many applicable forms. I enjoy competing in Hackathons as they provide me with invaluable experiences that allow me to apply my knowledge into creating unique, feasible and innovative products. When I am not working on new projects or developing new ideas, I enjoy spending time with family and friends and making connections with those around me.











M-eye Buddy

An android application that notifies the user when they have been looking at a screen for too long. After 20 minutes of screen time the user will recieve a notification (which can be fully customized) to look away for at least 20 seconds. Launching in the Google Play Store soon!

Tech: Android Studio, Java, XML



Mobile application for iOS and Android that allows the user to take a picture of an animal/insect and have relevant information about the species returned. The application also plots the users location on a public map so that other users can see where specific species were seen via NaTour app or website.

Tech: React Native,, Google Cloud Vision, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

Code Demo

Alarm Buddy

An alarm clock that takes traffic (live and historical averages) as well as preparation time into account when waking you up in the morning. In order to shut the alarm off lights must be turned on and if no motion is detected shortly after being shut off the alarm will re-trigger. The alarm clock can be controlled via Bluetooth LE through an Android application.

Tech: Genuino 101 (motion, light and temperature sensors), Android Studio, Java, XML

Code Demo

Tour Guide

An application that allows the user to select from a list of categorical locations and have a "tour" beginning and ending in the entered location generated. The route will be the shortest path allowing the user to visit all locations/points of interest specificed.

Tech: Java, Java Swing



A Roomba Create 2 teleoperated mobile robot that was programmed to perform several tasks such as following a specific shade of blue using webcam capture and dancing while playing music.

Tech: Python, MatLab, HTML/CSS, Django, OpenCV

Code Demo

Swivel Cam

A self-adjusting camera mount that uses facial detection technology to assure the users face is always in the center of the image.

Tech: C, Python, Arduino

Code Demo

Weather App

A webpage that allows the user to enter a city and select from various categories such as temperature, wind speed, humidity, etc. and have the selected information returned to them.

Tech: PHP, HTML/CSS, Bootstrap


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